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You are losing potential customers every minute

Unless you have a full team of marketing and sales people, most of the leads that could become paying customers will be lost forever.

You can spend all day creating landing pages, update your social media and sending out cold emails.

But unless you have a system in place to take care of those leads - most of them will disappear and your work was for nothing.

How an automated sales funnel will help you grow.

You are fighting with every other company about the attention of your audience - not only your competitors

Relying solely on social media platforms for marketing is dangerous - you never know when the algorithm will change and cutting you off from your followers.

A automated sales funnel will take the people that love what you do, and move them onto a platform that you own!
Get instant access - from $99
"I wasn’t expecting too because I’ve been working in the digital space for years, and after a while you’ve heard all the same marketing advice over and over.

Honestly, I was blown away, because you helped me reorganise what I already knew. Now it all feels useful for the context I am in at the moment. 

There was a bunch of unarticulated questions around building a sales funnel that have been holding me back. 

You helped all of them click into place. "

Josh Pitzalis

The video course you need to build a funnel that works, from day 1.

This course show you exactly how to do it.
No more guesswork; you'll get a framework that you can tailor to fit your company.

  • How to take people all the way from not knowing about you, to becoming paying customers.
  • Understanding what your target audience are interested in and how to create the right content for them
  • The tools, sequences and processes to create and uphold it in the east amount of time

Who is this course for?

  • Product companies
  • Saas startups
  • Software startups
  • Digital entrepreneurs
  • E-learning startups

How will it help you?

  • Build an automated sales funnel in one day
  • Make your target audience find you
  • Get them interested in what you have to say
  • Build trust and show them how they can gain from your product
  • Pitch the product - at the right time

What's included?

Video Icon 13 videos Text Icon 5 text files


2 mins
What is a Sales Funnel (and Why You Need It)?
3 mins
The 3 Crucial Parts of Your Sales Funnel
6 mins
Understanding and defining your audience
Why You NEED to Pick a Niche
9 mins
The 5 Question Marketing Strategy
B2B vs B2C - how does marketing differ?
3 mins
What Makes People Pay for Your Product?
Top of the Funnel - Social Platforms and Content Creation
Writing content that'll attract YOUR target audience
4 mins
Real-Life Content Examples
9 mins
Choosing your Platforms: Flow vs Evergreen
11 mins
Finding out the perfect topics for your audience
Creating your First Lead Magnet
6 mins
Improving Sign-ups by Adding More Lead Magnets
4 mins
Middle of the Funnel - Nurturing and Building Trust
How to Get People on Your Mailing List
10 mins
The Importance of Having a Welcome Sequence
4 mins
Structure your Welcome Sequence Like This
7 mins
TEMPLATE: 5-day Welcome Sequence
Bottom of the Funnel - Giving the opportunity and making the sale
Coming Soon!

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